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Think of working with Carrie like espressoan essential, welcomed, intense shot to kick off the changes you've been wishing for. In other words, Holy Shift!

Benefits of Coaching with Carrie

 You will learn how to increase strength, confidence and fulfillment, while simultaneously pulling the power cord on all that enhances your insecurity, undesired habits & other ways you struggle and suffer.

she is strong


Learn the powerful ability to regulate your emotions instead of having your emotions take you over. Learn how to stabilize and soothe yourself when you are sad, afraid, anxious, or caught in a reaction

Letting it Go

Trying to let go is so so hard and torturous, learn exactly what to do so your feeling or situation will let go of you.


The inner critical voice makes us feel inadequate, and unworthy. Learn how to unhook from your negative, self-shaming beliefs, and feel settled, secure and good about yourself.


Bring more of yourself into your life, and start enriching your experiences. Find a starting place to cultivate a sense of belonging, even when you are on your own.

Your Stunning Realness

There is a lot of discussion about the endless benefits of authentic living but not a lot of talk about how we actually do it.

We'll get right into the heart of this solution! Discover how to live as the woman you truly are instead of being shaped by your should-be-self,  your past, and negative beliefs.


Start, stop or continue: Make the change you have been aching to make, or discover what is next for you!


Learn the liberating truth behind emotional and stress eating! Understand what's really going on when you want to eat your way out of your feelings or circumstances.

Break your habit of emotional or stress eating without adding more pressure and or guilt.


Learn how to build strength and resiliency for the moments you need to stabilize, soothe and get yourself through!


Do you fear judgment? Being alone? The future? Let's ease off those fears.

What You Can Expect to Change:

Agonizing is simply not the point of your life!

With the right resources

you don't have to emotionally agonize, toss and turn in your choices, or wonder what could have been for you.

​Coaching provides an essential, unbiased, self focused relationship unlike no other in our lives.  To this powerful, personal, and catalytic partnership, Carrie brings intimate understanding, intuition, and evidenced based practices and tools honed over years and years of working at a high level  with women. 

What Women Are Saying


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