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live fully

 Essential Anxiety Skills


What if you could choose 
instead of anxiety choosing for you?


I'm in a very different place than before coaching with Carrie. I feel much less fear and I'm able to be more present, and enjoy my life.  Fear for me is now circumstance based whereas before it was part of my daily life. Jen


I find that most people are usually only a few adjustments away from making their lives better.

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I offer Mental Health and Emotional Wellness Coaching for Anxiety

I can help you live a chosen life. Together we will:

  • Reduce your stress

  • Create more calm

  • Reduce anxiety and the restrictions of it

  • Regulate difficult emotions 

  • Change reactive patterns 

  • Create meaning in your life and in your relationships

  • Be grounded in the present moment​​

  • Create more flexibility in your choices and behaviors 

  •  Acquire the internal strength to show up liberated, courageous, & authentic

  • Skills to reduce the life limiting impact of negative thoughts

  • Learn how to lower anxiety with sustained practice of strategies

Thank you! I am feeling very optimistic about my ability to manage anxiety. Thank you for helping me and by extension, my family. Adele


​Coaching provides an essential, unbiased, self focused relationship unlike no other in our lives.  To this powerful, personal, and catalytic partnership, I bring intimate understanding, intuition, and evidence based practices and tools honed over years and years of working with clients. Let's chat and see how I can help you.

"Coaching with Carrie has been a powerful way for me to learn how to stop living the same painful patterns again and again. It has opened up a world of being able to choose what I want for myself"

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"Working with Carrie has been an incredible gift and our work together has touched my heart and life in ways I never imagined possible"

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"Carrie has been absolutely fantastic throughout my coaching journey. She is compassionate and really understood my needs and goals."

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"I was always so mean to myself,  judging myself negatively. Being compassionate feels so natural now and has made a HUGE impact on how I feel and the choices I make"

We were spending the week in Qualicum, BC and decided one evening to take our kayaks out t

"Carrie was absolutely amazing and I'm SO glad I took this opportunity!"