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Think of working with Carrie like espressoan essential, welcomed, intense shot to kick off the changes you've been wishing for. In other words, Holy Shift!


"Hello you. I know that most of what causes you suffering is

not in your control,

not of your choosing


it is not your fault"

I can help you live a chosen life. Together we will:

  • Reduce your stress

  • Create more calm

  • Reduce anxiety and the restrictions of it

  • Regulate difficult emotions 

  • Change reactive patterns 

  • Create meaning in your life and in your relationships

  • Create more flexibility in your choices and behaviors 

  •  Acquire the internal strength to show up liberated, courageous, & authentic

  • Skills to reduce the life limiting impact of the inner critic 

I find that most people are usually only a few adjustments away from making their lives work.

​Coaching provides an essential, unbiased, self focused relationship unlike no other in our lives.  To this powerful, personal, and catalytic partnership, I bring intimate understanding, intuition, and evidence based practices and tools honed over years and years of working with clients.

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