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What comes to my mind when I think of being able to have Carrie as a coach and mentor is a line from poet, Mary Oliver, in which she asks, "what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"  Working with Carrie has been an incredible gift and our work together has touched my heart and my life in ways I never would have imagined possible when I first signed up for coaching.  I was initially so worried about investing in myself in this way, but it has turned out to be one of the most important investments I've ever made. Carrie's coaching is infused with depth, wisdom, love and heartfelt support.  She has years of experience that she brings to her work and she skillfully crafts a powerful environment and container for creating lasting change and transformation.  This work is helping me to connect with how I want to live this "one wild and precious life" and is providing me with the tools and steps of how to realistically and sustainably do this.  Each of our journey's in this life are unique and working with Carrie has been a powerful way for me to learn how to stop choosing to live the same painful patterns again and again and has opened up a world of being able to choose what kind of life I want to create.



Julie, P

I started working with Carrie on/about June of 2013, and we’ve worked together on-again/off-again for almost two years. Carrie is honest and dedicated to your well-being. She cares about your goals. Her insight is intuitive and her feedback is articulate so that you can be authentic in how you live your life, attract love and be the most productive version of you.

We may not want to hear the truth, but I’ve learned that when hearing the truth behind our actions, there is a sense of freedom and liberation from old patterns that have produced lackluster results. Then, we can take the next step, get to the next level or turn that proverbial corner. Take the plunge, sometimes a pattern interrupt is the best course of action in order to excel. You will be glad you did.


Linda, R

As a Marriage Family Psychotherapist, I thought the coaching was very high level and advanced. Carrie has the gift of gently getting us out of our stories and into the experinces we sometimes avoid. By doing so, I learned to give birth to what's next. I worked with Carrie as I had experienced a significant loss, I am now much more able to look at the future with hope, trust, and excitement. Some highlights of my learning: how to stop hurting myself over other's choices and get my power back. The process of letting go of behaviors that cause us to be inauthentic. Learning self acceptance with where we are right now and using that as a springboard. The importance of being able to grieve over our losses and see that in them are the seeds of a new beginning.

Peggy, S

Carrie is one of the rare people who live congruently - who she is as a human being, is who she is as a coach and as a facilitator;  And she really does FACILITATE! Carrie has walked the walk. She is easy to relate to and she relates easily to the women she works with. Carrie is emotionally attuned and empathic. She is wise and I mean the mindful, wise-mind kind of wise; of the inner owl kind :) Carrie is all kinds of wonderful. 

Kashka, H

Carrie you have a very warm and sensitive approach, still you challenged my beliefs and assumptions. It was exactly what I needed. The way you turned around some of my issues really changed the game for me. Now I am facing a totally new reality.” 

Laila, V

Our session gave me more insights than I ever received from therapy!

Karen, C

I am so thankful for the emotional and spiritual perspective that I gained through your mentoring and coaching. You are truly a talented individual, and your ability to help others is a gift! It's literally a gift that keeps on giving :)

Victoria, O

Carrie is a terrific coach - focused, attentive, perceptive, clear - all with a distinctive human touch. I highly recommend working with her!

Sukumar, P

Thank you Carrie! I feel stronger than before coaching with you. The tools that you taught me regarding self-awareness, how to stop other people's negative comments from hurting us, and how to make myself feel calm and peaceful has been very useful and practical for me. Thank you so much for your wisdom and these gifts you have given me!!! Your loving support and generosity of spirit is greatly appreciated.

Roxanna, C

I am applying the techniques to my daily life and feeling much stronger already. I was working today with my job partner that I hadn't worked with in over a month, and he noticed that I looked and sounded more relaxed and happy.  I am already feeling stronger and confident : ) So I truly want to thank you for all that you gave me.  Carrie you are amazing  and I feel very thankful to you.

Michelle, R

When you think great coaches, words like authentic, supportive, challenging and astute come to mind. Carrie brings these fine qualities to her work as a coach. Her sharp mind and warm spirit have made her effective and engaging to deal with. I recommend her highly.

John, C

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