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It's your time to feel and be 


An island resort, a mountain retreat, your vaction home or  living room. You choose where you'd like to gather with your friends and discover your assets! Carrie will come to your choosen destination.

It's time to drop the deficiecy based self concept of a woman. It's time to illumnate your strengths, assets and the powerful truths about you! It's time to feel and be luminous inside and out!

Your Private Event


  You Pick the Location

You Select your Group

5-12 of your  friends or acquaintances. Who would you like to have a powerful shared expereince with? It is entirely up to you.

What  image comes to mind when you think luminous?  Glowing. Radiating. Alive. Shimmering with life energy. Joyful. Impactful. Noticeable. She rocks. She's wonderous. Inspired. All the elements of alive are activated. 


Without us even knowing, our luminosity inner and outer gets buried or layered over by the should be self, the patterns and blindspots. We inadverntly snuff out our luminoisty. Lumious is centred on one purpose. It focuses on one thing. It teaches only one thing: fanning life into your womanness. Activating the life force in you. Turning on your light. Engaging your inner strngth.


Who is it for? Who want to experince higher qualities within themselves. For women who hunch that there is more to them then they are currenlty expereince. For women who are ready to lose it over the not good enough version of self


Luminous is a five day intimate group expereince.  


All about dusting off, shedding, letting go, clearing away, all that is oppressing, burdensome, or clouds your truth,


I call it your brighteniup event because women who immerse themselves this way literally start to glow. They feel lighter and stronger, and more reooted. They


I know you are successful. You find joy, and enjoy good friends. You have happy memories. Your life is developing. Yet 

How do you relate to yourself? 

As  The hard working yet always alone woman? The woman with the broken past? The woman who is not enough in some way? The woman who is tired, empty or anxious? The woman who is supposed to be or should be...? The womsn who hasn't yet....

What is the impact of this burdensome ..

What is the effect of this constricted

Wouldn' you love a new refernce point for your self? One centered in truth. Powerful shimmering, radiant, upholdling truth.


You are in need of a new reference point in your life. That new reference point is You. Not the tired, flawed, still single you. Not the woman you have been told you are or should be. But the undiluted. Unfettered. Un-broken. Shimmering and sparkling with   luminous truth you!. 


To live by your light.

To feel the ever present presence that you are. 

to lighten up

to rejuvinate



Perhaps you are really good at making money and not so good at love (yet)

Perhaps you are single or in circumstance you would not choose for yourself.

Perhaps you wrestle with certain feelings of empiness, aloneness, or stress and anxiety

Be with our reality whatever our reality. 

We as women have many higher qualities and capablities that get buried under oppression. I am frankly tired of the struggle and oppression. Let's turn our attention to our assets and let those loose all over our lives!


The you that has had the chance to sift and sort through the mental clutter. The you who emerges when she lets go of 


The numbere one cause of an unsatisfiying life


I believe your unqiue beauty (your inner and outer stunning ...) can determine your evolving story and define who you are.


Everythig from learning how to rest deeply wihtin your core, to losing the turkey neck, to waking up your light, joy and vibrancy.

As this is your private experience, you decide where we go. Sex, relationships, body image, emotions, 



The trouble is  you don’t see how you are burying yourself, because you are habituated in your ways of being. These patterns and habits obscure the realization of our unique rescources, qualities and strength. All that is true, powerful and beautiful about you. Yet even though our truer version of ourself is  just outside of our line of sight, we sense it is waiting to emerge, in full strength.



When our truth is replaced by patterns, who you think you are is actually a series of reactions, patterns and habituated respon



ses. Eseentially, How you do life, is mistaken for your self concept. Furthermore, how you do life, is obscuring

 the recognition of your unique resources, qualiteis and strengths.

You don't figure yourself out in your comfort zones carrying out your patterns.

 You figure yourself out at the edge.

Luminous is a sheltering space for you to unburden, exhale, and turn to some deep rest within yourself.


Carrie will facilate:

  • soothing out your emotional and psychcolgical aches. 

  • Coming home to yourself.

  • Getting re-rooted and anchored deeply within your centre. 


You will have the chance to reconnect with yoruself beyond the busy mind and busy doings of your life. Beyond all the should do's and should be's and have a very authentic expereince of yourself.


You'll free up your life energy (this is where you'll start to glow!).


The way Carrie works with women tends to have a lighten-ing up effect. Come away feeling revitlaed, alive and a visceral feeling of what it is like to be you.

In this unique opportunity, Carrie creates the necessary "edge" for you to bump into your reactions, defenses, patterns and blindspots. From here, you can strengthen and develop what is working, let go of what is not and open up new opportunities and new outcomes for yourself.


Carrie will provide the essential self discovery for you to:

  • find choice  where before there were only patterns.

  • change how you meet life challenges in service of developing inner strength, security and fulfillment.

  • emerge from the constraints of your blindspots


Luminosous offers a unique series of direct experiences, allowing you to de-emphasize the broken-ness, the not enough-ness, and the self distortion and step into strength oreinted relationship with yourself and your life


Expand your magnetism and extend your magnitude. 

  • your needs are not the problem

  • what is inhibing good quality connection

  • how to let go 


Morning after regrets: food, men, numbing out

Step outside your patterns 

See yourself more clearly


Deep rest - other htan sleeping

More texting, emailing, traveling, even conversting safe refuge come home

Emotions: alonness, fear, anxiety, 

Living alone



Feeling tired drab or dulled out entirely? 

Turn on life enregy

glow yup you will very likley get a glow 


What to Expect

5 transformative days with your group of friends in the location you chose. 

Carrie will faciliate and coach you through various direct experiences created for the purpose of introducing you more intimately to yourself.  Essentially, Carrie creates the "edge" needed for your next level of personal discovery and deeper understanding.

Your small group size will allow for both indiviudal "work" as well as group learning. 

Brave Enough is a personal, catalytic opportunity held within a container of safety, support, and joy.

You wil likely to expereince a lightening up effect as you step out of your restricting patterns and engage your vitality.

You will leave equipped with new awareness, new ways of being, and self advocacy in the service of a richer life.

You will likely discover a woman of grace who is grown up and gorgeous.. Yes, that would be you!

You will glow! Why? Because the best make up is your joy and authenticity.



Brave Enough is for women who are

On the verge of a life change or desire change

Caught in Fearful living

Believe in more for themselves but aren't sure how to go about it.

Are tired of self shaming yet struggle to know how to self appreaicte

Wanting to feel revitalized and lighter.

To experience more of thier authentic self and less of  imposed narratives.

In search of secruity and self acceptance

Wanting to feel anchored, and centered, and in turn effect your life from this powerful resourceful place. 

In need of a space to re-engage, re-connect adn realgin in the most meaningful way with themselves.

The Benefits of a Group Experience

I have been to many workshops and for me Carrie's was the very best one!!! Peggy

Studies have revelaed that women with strong bonds are more likely to achieve their goals, find fullfilment, and enjoy happiness and health. .The group experience creates a space where you can be truly known. That space becomes a place you can return to when hurt happens. A group offers a powerful opportunity to be seen, witnessed, and more fully known to others. The connections you forge will hold you as you go forward in your life. 


The intelligence of a group of women is a powerful resource for each individual. The group will aid you in learning even more about yourself. The space created by a small group is essential in remembering who we we truly are.  As we witness others in their growth, we in turn are activated, meaning we are effected and benefited vicariously, and in ways we could not achieve on our own. Being witnessed in our own transformation sets up future thriving from a connected, securely bonded place rather than from the place of aloneness and insecurity.

Open a Door for Yourself!


The cost is per group, not indivudal. The total cost is $6500 which you divide between the number of people in your group.

To reduce the cost per person, simply increase the size of your group up to a maximum number of 12 people.


Your accommodation is separate from the program cost. You control the cost of accommodation as you get to chose the location where your group will gather. 



Your Next Steps

Share this page with people you would like to invite to Brave Enough.


Start talking over possible locations for your private event. Where would you love to go? Or, would you prefer to host your group in your own home or vacation home?


Book an appointment to speak to Carrie. Get all the answers you need.

At that time, you will also discuss possible dates for your event.


You discuss those dates with your group and then confirm with Carrie.


Then pack your bags! 

I am still feeling the shift that happened for me. That shift would be best described as knowing the safety realized within a group of women: a safety that what is said is taken in and felt completely. The knowing that you are being listened to and what you say has value. The compassion and love given in the moment of a hug or of a tear shed. All of this I am still holding with me today. Thank-you Carrie  for your direction.  This group experience can move into all places where women hurt. … my love to you. Liz, S


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