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Do you find yourself asking why?


Why does this keep happening to me? Why am I so alone? Why isn’t this working out for me? Why do I feel this way about myself or my life? Why can't I be happy?  No matter what you try, you feel as if something keeps going amiss or is missing altogether. Something is holding you back or holding off your higher desires from coming into your life, yet you just can’t figure it out. Well, that makes you human! 


Contrary to what you think, there really isn’t anything working against you nor is there anything broken, flawed, or wrong with you. The cause of your dissatisfaction is simply, yet profoundly, something you have not yet been able to see. Until you see it, it will continue to direct your life.


Whether you are wanting to love being you, have love with another, or love your life, you are in the right place! With an unrelenting faith in your magnificent truth, and all that lies within you and ahead of you, Carrie is committed to seeing you break free of undesirable circumstances and patterns so you too can start living a life with more love.

  • Understand what is creating your current experiences in life.

  • Understand what leads you away from your own loving: loving of yourself, others, and life.

  • Learn how to become truly known to others and end your aloneness!

  • Discover the ways out of insecurity and perceived lovelessness.

  • Demystify and sustain self love and deep self acceptance.

  • Develop emotional gravity and no longer be fully hijacked by fear, doubt, or anxiety.

  • Move towards your authentic nature and away from your conditioned beliefs and reactive patterns.

  • Say farewell to the never ending, exhausting, and discouraging process of trying to fix and change yourself. You will realize there is nothing to fix, only something (extraordinary) to understand and build upon.

  • Deepen your connection with others; learn how to cultivate a sense of belonging in this great big world!

  • Acquire the knowledge, tools, (Carrie has a vast tool kit!) and practices to create what you deeply desire.

  • Realize the truth about you is profoundly more than what you currently believe!


Coaching provides an essential, unbiased, self focused relationship unlike no other in our lives.

To this powerful, connected, personal. and catalytic partnership, Carrie brings intimate understanding, intuition,

and a skill set honed over years and years of working at a high level  with women.




 Coaching with Carrie



Weekly Private Coaching Sessions 


Insight, Action & Substance to Get Results


Supplementary material as needed 


Life Work to support your Desires and Life Goals


Email Coaching to Support your Process






Program Options & Rates


3 months     $2500


6 months     $4500


12 months    $8500

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