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Like me you might have tried to escape it, numb it, even heal your emotion. You’ve likely been offered words from the wise such as do something to distract yourself…and yet there it is, the hurting, the emptiness, the self doubt, the craving, the fear. 



I can help you work with your emotions in a way that won't cause weight gain or other morning after regrets.


Your emotion needs something very specific from you. Until it gets it, your emotion won't change.

Your emotion doesn’t need you to try to accept it, it doesn’t need you to be positive, and it certainly doesn’t need you to eat something about it. Secondly, your emotions aren’t here to baffle or upset you, or send you into psycho-analyzation. What they need is actually very simple yet extremely transformational. I will show you what you've been missing so that your emotion no longer takes you over, leaving you free to make self supporting choices.


We don't have to run into the arms of the wrong lover or to our refrigerator, or turn to other vices to feel the safety, security and okayness we so long for.

You can’t keep running from your feelings. Well, you can but if the world really is round, running will only get you right back here, exactly where you are. I know that isn't what you want for yourself.  You can be liberated rather than controlled. You can support yourself instead of getting caught up in a negative vice. I would love to share how you can stop feeling like you have to fight your own emotions, or that you need to escape them with a fix.


You can break your undesired emotional pattern: eating, escaping, hiding, seeking...

We can't actually heal our feeling. That is why despite our best efforts, we still feel it. However, there is an approach to our feelings that does result in healing. You will learn this approach by directly experiencing it with me in your private sessions. This direct experience will then enable you to work with your feelings, whatever your feelings, on your own as needed. The truth is life is an emotional experience. We simply can't escape feeling. Allowing me to be your guide, you can discover that a supportive, strengthening, and healthy response is possible for you.


Imagine how you would feel if that harsh inner voice would leave you alone.

Your inner critic, the one who shames you, is a source of serious interference to self worth and feeling good. You don’t need to kick her ass, or understand her psychological roots, or figure out how to befriend her. What we must do is discover her single purpose. She is no different than every other woman, once she’s been understood, she’ll willingly part with her megaphone. Once you understand what your inner critic is all about, she actually becomes an asset for self acceptance, security and emotional wellness. In your third session, you'll have the chance to transform your inner critic from an devestating voice into an ally.

Unlike other attempts to feel better, my approach will not cause weight gain, morning after regrets, or additional suffering!

Together we will take your current emotional experience and use it to discover the spiritual wows or whoas (if that floats your boat) right down to the practical: how do I break my emotional pattern? How do I be with this? Who am I anyhow if this is how I feel!!!?


Whatever your motivation is for working with your feeling: spiritual understanding, peace, acceptance or just frigging surviving the feeling, 

 Your 3 private sessions with me will offer: 

* Discovery of a soft & safe refuge that happens to be incredibly strong. 

* A sense of wow I am amazing

* Inner strength: I don't have to eat my way through this!

* Liberation: This feeling doesn't have to control me. 

 * 3 instruments for working with any emotion.


Program Guarantee:

- no pre-recordings or videos

- no group calls

- no false prescriptions such as think positive or join a new gym.

Simply real live transformational coaching with me, who is totally devoted to you! 


If you've been searching for the road home, 

searching for that sense of I am okay, you are just one step away:













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