Learn how to feel more secure, worthy and confident

This Course Is For You If:

 You struggle to feel worthy 
You feel insecure in yourself or in life
There are new things you would like to try or do but self judgments get in the way
You believe you are not enough
You try to be perfect
You worry about making mistakes or failing
You long for a safe, secure place in life

What you will gain from this course:

  • Reduced fear of failure

  • calm yourself when you feel threatened emotionally

  • Understanding of how to use the inner resource you already have to create feeling safe and secure

  • Do-able in between session practices to start creating shift

  • Compassionate understanding from a certified experienced professional

  • Guided practices during the sessions

  • A proven way to increase confidence, and your sense of worth that do not depend on success, body image, achievements or other external factors in your life

  • A powerful way to stop being so hard on yourself

  • Flexibility to confidently and securely explore your world and new things.

  • Create an inner sense of safety and  security


I have  done a 180 when it comes to dealing with my life challenges.  I feel empowered and more at ease. Priya

Feel safe and secure
3 Sessions


Why you suffer from self criticism, shame and other judgments of not being worthy- it isn't what you think - s not your doing: born into world, no choice, old brain, new brain, threat system

How we go all wrong when it comes to trying to feel  and believe we are worthy  self esteem vs self compassion

A learnable skill to  feel more secure and confident that grows in its impact - self compassion and its benefits

How to calm yourself when you feel insecure or emotionally unstable


- A guided in session experience - let's feel the good feelings

- Powerful practices for you to do on your own to feel more secure and confident what threat, what feeling, I am not a lose I am feeling the threat of overwhelm right now. How can I nurture myself right now?

Soothing system you have it need to learn how to get the most out of it

Learn how to create an inner sense of safety and security - those good feelings we all year for 3 ways to activate soothing system

Learn how to soothe yourself rather than react - validating self compasion its masdes snese I feel this way I value

-- A guided  in session experience - visualize self compassion - practice to train brain

letter practice x3 

continue to notice self criticism shame as threat system detecting a threat - name it and name the emotion of it

- Learn how to reduce the limits anxiety imposes on your life 

- A scientifically proven way you can active feeling safe and secure

- The one thing we must do so that anxiety doesn't take over our lives

- A guided in session practice - Let's get EVEN calmer YET

About the Host

Carrie Southern is an ICF certified experienced Mental Health Coach. Outside of her private practice she coaches for Lyra Health, the leading provider of comprehensive mental health coaching recently backed by Oprah.


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