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 Essential Anxiety Skills

 3 LIVE Sessions

July 11, 18 & 25th 11am PST

Imagine feeling more calm.
Let's make that a reality for you.

This course is for you if:

  • You describe yourself as an anxious person 
  • You've noticed an uptick in anxiety or stress
  • You're anxious about becoming anxious
  • You avoid life to avoid feeling anxiety
  • Anxious thoughts and feelings distract you
  • You're worried you'll always feel this way
  • You want to support someone suffering
      with anxiety
Meditating on the Beach

Does anxiety come between you
and meaningful moments 
in your life? 

What you will gain from this course:

Rustic Beach Path
  • Do-able proven skills that make a difference

  • Symptom reduction tools 

  • A set of life tools to create a foundation to reduce the frequency and intensity of anxiety in your life

  • Guided practices during the sessions

  • Understanding of how we unknowingly increase anxiety

  • Learn how to reduce the limits anxiety has set on your life

  • You already know what doesn't work, learn what does!

  • Compassionate & understanding guidance from an experienced professional

"Carrie was absolutely amazing and I'm SO glad I took this opportunity!" Holly

"I 'm in a very different place than before. I feel much less fear and I'm able to be more present, and enjoy my life.  Fear for me is now circumstance based whereas before it was part of my daily life" Jen

"I am  "super happy" with the progress I made! I went beyond what I imagined was possible. I feel happier and more calm. I can cope with the unexpected. I am confident that I have the tools I need to continue to support myself in the hard moments. I don’t freeze up anymore."  Casey

"I have  done a 180 degree turn when it comes to dealing with my life challenges.  I feel empowered and more at ease" Priya

"I have less anxiety. I can notice anxious thoughts and stay in the moment." Sophie

My clients experience up to 80% improvement in anxiety.

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"I feel lighter even though there are challenges and overwhelm in life. I notice a positive effect of the tools I learned. I'm less anxious and I  procrastinate less at work"  Elise

Why you should take this 3 session course:

You will learn the skills and practices that get my clients results 

It’s an affordable and accessible way to learn what I offer my clients in private sessions

A manageable short term course that is approachable and helpful

Simple exercises and practices you can do to

bring about change.

Guided exercises in the LIVE sessions and

in-between session practices to create change on your own.

Hello you


I'm Carrie Southern, an ICF Certified Emotional Wellness and Mental Health Coach. I'm glad you're here. I truly wish we didn't have to talk about anxiety, create courses on it, and struggle to figure out how to manage it. Unfortunately, anxiety is a part of life and so here we are learning together how to live with it. 

A meaningful part of my life's work has been supporting people just like you who suffer from anxiety. It began as a personal journey when anxiety had my loved one in a constant chokehold and I, nor anyone else, seemed to be able to help her get free of this invisible force. After years and years of trying everything under the sun to ease up her anxiety - add in many years of professional development -add in even more years of practicing evidence based strategies - I have been able to support people to suffer less restrictions from anxiety.

I hope you will join me in this live series.

See you in July!

Anxiety Essentials 3 LIVE Sessions
July 11, 18, & 25th 


Kayaking at Sunrise

What you can expect in 3 LIVE sessions

LIVE Session 1

- Discover the one place anxiety can't exist and the routes  to get you there.

- Your first foundation skill to reduce anxiety in your life

- A guided in session experience - Let's get calm

LIVE Session 2

- Your 2nd foundational skill to reduce the frequency and intensity of anxiety

- Learn how we accidentally trigger anxiety and what you can do to avoid an accident

- 3 tools for anxious moments to reduce the symptoms of anxiety 

- A guided  in session experience - Let's get even calmer 

LIVE Session 3

- Learn how to reduce the limits anxiety imposes on your life 

- A scientifically proven way you can active feeling safe and secure

- The one thing we must do so that anxiety doesn't take over our lives

- A guided skill practice - Let's get EVEN calmer YET

Soaring Solo! You've got this! xo