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Stay in Love Coaching is private one on one coaching for 12 weeks designed for single individuals  or those in a relationship.

You will:

  • Understand how to go further into love than you have before.

  • Equip yourself with the essential knowledge, practices, and responsiveness to overcome previous relationship barriers, stuck points, and disconnection.

  • Understand your ultimate fear, and how to work with that fear instead of it "working" against you.

  • Understand what has defined your past or present relationships.

  • Learn how to create relationship safety and security. 

  • Learn how to not get caught up or hijacked by all the surface content in conflicts, disagreements and upsets.

  • Understand the negative cycle that has taken over your previous and or current relationship. 

  • Understand your part in the negative cycle that has taken over your relationship in the past or present.

  • Learn how your reactions pull certain distress causing reactions from your partner. 

  • You will learn how to stand against the negative pattern rather than fighting against your partner..

  • Work through the shame and fear that influences you to hide your truth in your relationships.

  • Discover what triggers your fears, pains, and wounds.

  • Learn how to shape love and create contact comfort.

  • Understand how to transform your emotional reactivity into respond-ability and strengthen your connection.

  • Realize what is at the root of relationship challenges for you personally.

  • Understand and make sense of your emotions. Learn how to stabilize yourself emotionally.

  • Learn how to stand for yourself while not standing against your partner.

  • Stay in Love Coaching will support you in not only holding onto your individuality throughout your relationship but also in becoming more of yourself.




Emotional connectivity is the true insurance of a fulfillng and lasting relationship.

                                                                               Weekly Private Coaching Sessions 


Insight, Action & Substance to Get Results


Supplementary material as needed 


Life Work to support your Desires and Life Goals


Email Coaching to Support your Process








Coaching provides an essential, unbiased, self focused relationship unlike no other in our lives. To this powerful, connected, personal and catalytic partnership, Carrie brings intimate understanding, intuition,

 and a skill set honed over years and years of working at a high level  with women.

Program Rate

 12 weeks  $2000



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