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Benefits, insights, and outcomes for Your LOVE-Ly include:
  • Realize what self love REALLY is beyond self approval and self care.

  • Understand why it is so hard for us to believe we are worthy and lovable.

  • Understand that a lack of self love, feeling unworthy or insecure, do not mean there is something wrong with you! 

  • Realize that a lack of self love is simply feedback that you have been moving in a particular direction. 

  • Alter your course: You will learn exactly how to create and sustain self love.


  • Understand the cause of all suffering, your’s too.

  • Discover how you inadvertently wall yourself into lovelessness and how you wall others out.

  • Unbury your authentic self and get to your inner gold.

  • You will realize the whole and deeper truth of you! And yes, it is pretty. In fact, it is your secret beauty!

  • Deepen your understanding of self love as an effect.

  • Follow a new and enlivened roadmap into self love.

  • Emerge more fully in your truth: in your loveliness!


  • Identify your inner critic in a new way.

  • Change your relationship to your inner critic.


  • Explore fear based beliefs about yourself, they are powerful.

  • Transform fearful beliefs such as I am not wanted, I am not good enough, I am too much, I am unworthy, I am unloveable.


  • Begin to release the power of your childhood story — even just a little release will feel immensely better for you.

  • Your ultimate power is already here. Your opportunity for joyful living is right here. I will show you.


The following are included throughout the program to enhance your learning and growth:

Exercises and explorations designed for immersion and facilitation of self awareness and empowering clarity.

Practices and tools to support you in making shifts from feeling unloveable to feeling lovable, secure, and enjoying who  you are!

Guided audio exercises and experiences. 

Recommended Life Work to get results!


Cost $150 

What is self love? Furthermore, what creates a lack of self love or a sense of lovelessness, unworthiness, insecurity or a dislike of who we are? 
Your LOVE-ly answers these questions, and also reveals how we can live life from the liberated, illuminated state of self love.
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