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A Webinar  APRIL 2018

Learn how to build Strength
& Resiliency



A 5 week webinar focused on strength solutions;

Catalytic responses to add into your life, in the moment, when you need to strengthen, stabilize, soothe and get yourself through.


You will learn how to be there for yourself in ways which

decrease your agonizing and increase comfort, confidence and courage.

...because agonizing is not the point of your life!

There are inherent challenges in our lives - suddenly a feeling, a worry, a fear, an upset, a reaction, an attack from our inner shaming voice - and we agonize... wrestle emotionally... toss and turn in wavering self worth.


As powerful as we are as women, we are equally vulnerable

to these inherent aspects of living. 

With resources as strong as our nature, these aspects do not have to become our inner tormentors, jailors, or day-to-day agonizers compromising our sense of worth, security and joyful living.

I've worked with women in countries around the world & there are 3 core "agonizers" that seem to effect us all.

GET THE STRENGTH YOU NEED provides strength solutions and life-lines for these core challenges:


Our capacity to feel deeply (and feel everything) makes us susceptible to losing our emotional balance, seeking comfort in habits, and making life limiting choices. ​

Self Criticism, a series of persecuting, judgmental, alienating beliefs about who we are, our value & worth, and what we deserve.

Fear of judgment, aloneness and non-acceptance. Fear of not feeling & being okay.



 You will learn strategies to increase strength and solace, while simultaneously pulling the power cord on all that enhances your insecurity, habits,

the other ways you agonize. 

she is strong

In 5 Weeks, You Will Learn:


What to do when our emotions knock us off balance causing us to agonize (melt down, react, freak out, suffer, or eat the contents of our snack cupboard.)


How to diverge from being internally bullied and criticized, and made to feel like the last loser in loserville because of internal narratives and judgments.


What we can immediately do to disengage a common cause of insecurity.


How to break habits of craving, emotional and stress eating, and distraction in a way that leaves us feeling okay in the moment.


How to stop editing, shrinking, and disappearing yourself and inhabit your life with more

self-confidence and self-assurance, living more freely, honestly, and fully!

GET THE STRENGTH YOU NEED is the espresso to wake up the woman you really are!

This is like a delicious, welcomed intense shot

to kick off the change you long for.

In other words, Holy Shift!

Because strength is built, we can get in on the act of building it for ourselves, expediting the benefits: security, peace, confidence & a sense of ownership over our well-being and our life story. Building strength involves implementing strength "work-outs"

(I know you love that word!).


But work-outs sound, Carrie.

When you want to strengthen your arm muscles, you do certain workouts. When you want to strengthen your health you add in more healthy foods. The work-outs you will learn are like other forms of workouts, the more you do them, the stronger you become. The more you choose them in the moment, the more you ease up on agony.


Don’t let the idea of strength training scare you. It will be fun, inspiring, and heartwarming. And, we won’t even break a sweat :)



  • Strength Solutions for fear, feeling negatively about yourself, inner security, emotional or stress eating, and the emotions that take you over

  • Insightful personal discovery and awareness to expand, transform, & deepen your experiences in life

  • 5 weeks of learning exercises, practices and explorations to enhance your strength development

  • Work-outs that work! 

  • Weekly "life work" in the service of the changes you wish to make happen

  • Q&A on each webinar call for clarification and personal understanding

  • Wisdom and learning from a group of women


More Benefits of Strength Training

Find your Centre of Gravity & Emotional Stability

Learn the powerful ability to handle, regulate and heal your emotions.

The Path Way into Feeling Worthy and Deserving

The inner critic has its hand (or voice rather) in almost every kind of emotional & psychological suffering. Therefore, it is ESSENTIAL we have its antidote in our grasp. You will get the antidote, and do I dare say, doses of self love! Express, mess up, create, change your mind, end it, risk, choose, eat, dance, work, feel, indulge, rest….do it all, and feel good about who you are.

Free Your Original, Vibrant Self

I wish for you to live fully and freely by your humanity not by an in-the-box, ideal version of who you think you should be, try to be, or were told to be.  You can know and feel who you REALLY are beyond the person fear and self judgment impose onto you.

 After Effect

"Why I created


Just like you, I know pain, fear and insecurity.  There have been dark nights and really hard days. I  have hurt in ways that threatened to shatter me. My inner persecutor has talked me into thinking I am nothing or not able. I have scared myself right out of my own shoes, turning my back on the choices my heart ached to make.

I've been doing personal discovery coaching with amazing, successful, brave women, for years and the ways we agonize aren't only heart wrenching, but also cause for missing out on vibrant living.  Giving ourselves over to ways of suffering and struggling instead of flourishing and living realized is something I refuse to accept.


In my experience, strength and resiliency are the lights that burn low as we try again and again, day after day to be happy and free. My mission is to change that! 

The strength solutions I facilitate are the remedies that kept me sane, joyful, and loving life despite strife and struggle. They give me the strength to be freely me, and the resiliency I need to continue reaching for the experiences that make my life about what I love and adore.

My wish is to help you live to the point where the great-fulness of life takes you over rather than being taken over by the ways we agonize.

With love,


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The 5 Week Webinar begins on April 5th & goes through to May 3rd 2018.

The Webinar will be on Thursdays at 5pm GMT

on the following dates:

April 5th            April 26th 

April 12th          May 3rd

April 19th

If you are unable to attend a live session, recordings will be provided.

Program Cost$249USD

You are stronger

& so much more than

you've been led to believe.


If you have questions or wish to talk with me before registering, CONTACT ME.



Webinar Cost $249 USD

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